St Mary's C of E

Primary School Moston

A loving Christian community, where everyone is valued and successfully achieves their full potential.



Our current worship theme  is ‘Trust’. During our worship and at other times of the week, we will be saying the following prayer:



Dear God,

Thank-you for St. Mary’s School
Thank-you for our friends whom we can trust.
Thank you for friends who stick with us when we need them.
Please keep us from being selfish.
Please help us to be a friend to anyone in need.
Help us to remember that trusting in you will help us as we move forward in our lives
Thank you for always being there for us.




In the Early Years, we will be saying the following prayer,


A Prayer for Trust

Dear God

Thank you for St Mary’s School.

We thank you for everyone who looks after us each day and for each new thing we learn.

 Help us to remember to put our trust in your love and to know that you will always watch over us and keep us safe. Amen