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Primary School Moston

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Learning Science provides opportunities for pupils to develop an interest in and curiosity about the world around them. We hope that each child will be able to develop the basic skills needed to participate in Science work, alongside learning about a variety of physical properties and processes.


At St. Mary's we focus on the four main science themes and these are taught progressively throughout the child's learning journey. These are:

  • Scientific Enquiry (investigations)

  • Life Processes and Living Things

  • Materials and their properties

  • Physical Processes


Through our Schemes of Work we are committed to ensuring that Science is fun, challenging and engaging. We aim for children to develop not only knowledge of their environment but also the mental and practical skills needed to continue developing their scientific understandiing.


We also aim to make science as cross-curricular as possible by making links with other subjects.

Children will:

  • Be offered a range of activities

  • Be able to plan, carry our and evaluate science investigations

  • Develop personal skills such as; self-appraisal, perseverance, co-operation, imagination and self-management

  • Foster an interest and curiosity in their environment