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At St. Mary’s, Mathematics provides a useful way of viewing the world, a tool for thinking logically and for communicating ideas to others.

We aim for our children to become confident mathematicians by developing their skills, concepts and knowledge and to offer our pupils intellectual excitement. We also aim to ensure equality of opportunity for all our children including the most able, those with special educational needs and those with English as an additional language.

Our Maths curriculum places emphasis on developing a sense of number and where numbers fit within the number system, on the development of mental calculation strategies and on the correct use of vocabulary. Using and applying maths is integrated throughout the 5 strands: numbers and the number system, calculations, problem solving, measures, shape and space and handling data.

Cross curricular links are made with other areas. 

Mathematics is taught for 45-60 minutes each day at KS1 and 60 minutes each day at KS2.



St Mary's has a calculation policy for mathematics. It is designed to help your child progress as quickly as possible to the most efficient methods whilst also incorporating an understanding of the processes.

Maths Calculation Policies