St Mary's C of E

Primary School Moston

A loving Christian community, where everyone is valued and successfully achieves their full potential.

Religious Education

At. St. Mary's, we deliver a Religious Curriculum that meets both the legal requirements and the religious characteristics of our school. As a Christian faith school we provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment where our children can grow and learn about Jesus.


As a Church School the principal aim of R.E. is to aid pupils on their spiritual journey.


At St. Mary’s we consider that R.E. should:


  • contribute to a pupil’s overall development;
  • be concerned with helping pupils develop an open and reflective approach to understanding varied religious experiences and practices;
  • enable children to relate these to basic questions of everyday life;
  • enable children to deepen or realise their own beliefs and respect the freedom of others to hold beliefs different from their own.


As a Christian faith school our priority is to offer pupils a firm grounding in the principles and practices of Christianity as represented by the Church of England. Collective Worship is mainly Christian in character and takes place daily, this can be varied in nature and sometimes reflects other faiths within the community.


Some of the pupils’ time is also spent beginning to see what other major faiths believe and practise. We feel this is important in recognition of the society in which all children are growing up and removes potential barriers in our society.