St Mary's C of E

Primary School Moston

A loving Christian community, where everyone is valued and successfully achieves their full potential.


Through our use of Computing to support and enhance teaching and learning, we would hope that all our staff and pupil’s will;


Develop a range of Computing skills, which will enable them to make effective use of the resources for themselves in their school work; Have confidence to experiment with new software and to apply their developing skills in new contexts; Develop an understanding of the advantages ICT has over other methods, such as written methods and to know when it is inappropriate to use ICT; Develop the patience and persistence to realise their ideas and recognise the possibilities of going wrong, without feeling the sense of failure.

Our schemes of work for Computing as a subject will provide opportunities for all pupils to:


Learn using a wide range of Computing tools including word processors, desktop publishing programs, graphics software, databases, spreadsheets, Logo, simulations, multimedia authoring, email and web browsers;
Have regular, frequent access to ICT resources so that they practise and develop their skills with these tools.
Work individually and collaboratively.