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Foreign Languages - At St. Mary's we have chosen to teach our pupils French. As a Lead School we believe that learning a language is important as an educational, social and cultural experience for our pupils, who can develop communication and literacy skills, and explore differences and similarities between a foreign language and English.

At St Mary’s School pupils from Key Stage 2 are taught French. They have one lesson per week which is taught by the class teachers. 


Here children learn French by:


Experiencing a planned and progressive Curriculum through programmes of study based on KS 2 Framework for Languages


  • Through active participation in a variety of games and singing activities. Emphasis is placed on developing good oral literacy skills
  • Learning activities are broad and varied and appeal to children’s different learning styles " visual, oral and kinaesthetic 
  • Children work both individually and sometimes collaboratively to perform dialogues and role plays in pairs/small groups


In all year groups, great emphasis is placed on oracy skills " speaking and listening " although literacy is important in terms of end of topic written activities.  In Years 5 and 6, pupils will be encouraged to extend their reading and writing skills as they progress.


A variety of styles and methods are used when teaching languages at St Mary’s.  Games, songs, stories, kinaesthetic activities, flashcards and interactive whiteboard tasks are widely used, as are audio materials and DVDs.  Pupils are encouraged to take an active role in their language lessons, and the learning environment is made safe and friendly.  Target language is used by the teacher when appropriate and its use is increased in the later years.  Children are encouraged to use it when greeting people, asking for something and when answering the register.